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Are you interested in making a positive impact within the Whidbey Island community? Do you have limited time and resources to give? If so, then 100+ Women Whidbey might be for you!

Founded in 2021, 100+ Women Whidbey is one of more than 350 similar groups located worldwide that focus on coordinating funding for local, community charitable organizations. We gather twice a year for "giving cycle" meetings to hear three short presentations on local non-profits in need. Members vote on which non-profit to support, and each person writes a check for $100. This money goes directly to the chosen non-profit for a collective, impactful donation.


The group is run entirely by volunteers with no administrative fees solicited from members.


I understand my personal contact information is strictly confidential and I understand it will not be shared or distributed to an outside third party without my expressed consent. If 100+ Women Whidbey chooses to publish a Membership Directory, I agree that my contact information be included in that directory.

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch before the next meeting.


IMPORTANT: Please add to your Contacts to avoid our emails going to your spam folder!

By submitting this form, I am agreeing that the information I provide is accurate and true. I am pledging to participate in 100+ Women Who Care About Whidbey Island, and I am making a personal commitment to contribute $200 each calendar year ($100 each event) to local non-profit organizations serving Island County, WA. I agree to donate to the non-profit organization selected by the group’s majority vote. If I am unable to attend a meeting, I will either send my check with another attending member to deliver on my behalf, mail it as requested after the meeting, or pay online, if that option is presented.


I also acknowledge that photographs and videos taken at events and meetings may include my image and may be used in promotional materials for 100+ Women Who Care About Whidbey Island.

Should you wish to discontinue membership at any time after your two-time commitment, please send an e-mail indicating your withdrawal.

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