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may 2024 GIVING cycle

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Watch the videos below and vote for ONE non-profit below. Once all the votes are in, we'll announce which non-profit received the most votes and will receive our collective donation. Voting ends on Sunday 5/12 at 11:59 PM PT

Please do not vote if you are not a member of 100+ Women Whidbey.

Sometimes the link to this page gets shared out on social media and we get an influx of votes outside or our member list. While we sincerely appreciate the exposure, we work hard to ensure our collective donations reflect the selections of our donating members and hand-scrubbing the voting list takes a lot of extra time on our end. Thank you! 

Vote for ONE non-profit:

Voting is now closed. Email for questions/concerns.

Thanks for voting!

Mother Mentors


If selected, Mother Mentors would use this collective donation to help increase support and resources for maternal and infant mental health. The donation would also allow them to expand their early learning sessions to accommodate more families and needs for each age group. 


The Vision of Mother Mentors is that all families with young children on Whidbey Island thrive through the support and connection of their community. 

Mother Mentors is focused on reducing stress and strengthening families. By building relationships and creating community, we create a network of support for Whidbey Island families with young children.

Our Guiding Principles:
We believe that relationships and interactions between parents and their children provide the foundation for children's learning, growth, and development.

We believe families are strongest when they are well-supported, by one another and by their communities.

We believe every person who makes an extended commitment to a child’s life will have an impact on that child’s well-being and development.

We believe how we do the work of supporting families is as important as what we do.

Summit Assistance Dogs


If selected, Summit Assistance Dogs would use this collective donation to purchase dog food, veterinary care, and training equipment needed by their dogs to fulfill their mission of changing lives. 


Summit Assistance Dogs is a fully accredited 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that creates life-changing partnerships by providing highly-skilled mobility-assistance dogs for people living with disabilities, giving them increased independence and renewed confidence.

By assisting with tasks such as retrieving items, opening and closing doors, and turning switches on and off, our dogs help their partners live with greater independence and confidence. These companions can also help diminish depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

Summit Assistance Dogs does not charge clients for their service dog. The majority of funding comes from generous individual donors like you! We also receive funding from corporate donors, organizations and foundation grants. Our graduates are vital in assisting Summit with fundraising, both with their personal donations and by helping us find new supporters. We receive no government funding.  

We have partnered more than 100 dogs with people living with disabilities since 2000.

THINC Whidbey


If selected, THINC Whidbey would use this collective donation in three ways:

  1. Creating a vegetable garden to help bring the tenants together as a community. They would manage the garden and supplement their diets with fresh fruits and vegetables.

  2. Creating an outdoor gathering and play area. The houses are only 265 square feet, so outdoor space to gather as a community and give kids an area to play is essential! 

  3. Storage: Tenants have to downsize their belongings to fit in a tiny house, so storage is important especially in WA state where the weather is seasonal.


Many low-income families are paying more than half their income in rent. South Whidbey Island is no different. The tightening rental market results in local merchants challenged to find employees that can afford the escalating rents. South Whidbey residents Coyla Shepard and Maralie Johnson had a dream to address the rental housing shortage by creating a tiny house community that will offer affordable housing for South Whidbey Island, Washington.

THINC's purpose is to unite our South Whidbey neighbors to create a community of tiny houses for those in need of affordable housing. Their mission is to fulfill the great commission of loving our neighbors by providing affordable housing.


In August 2017, THINC became a non-profit 501c3 organization and purchased the distressed property at 722 Camano Ave in Langley. With help from individuals, businesses, organizations, churches, and more than 60 volunteers, the existing house on the half-acre property was completely remodeled. The upper level serves as low-income housing for a family with three or more children. The lower level will serve as communal space for the tiny house community. The remaining two-thirds of the lot will feature nine tiny houses, walking paths, outdoor recreational areas, vegetable gardens, and ornamental gardens in a park-like setting.

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