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Watch the videos below and vote for ONE non-profit below. Once all the votes are in, we'll announce which non-profit received the most votes and will receive our collective donation. Voting ends on Thursday 10/19 at 11:59 PM PT

Vote for ONE non-profit:

Voting is now closed. Email for questions/concerns.

Thanks for voting!

Coupeville Farm to School


Coupeville Farm to School's garden program currently serves about 497 students (K-5). If selected by 100+ WW, they would use the funds to grow their staff to be able to serve all 900 students in the district, including middle and high school students. This would provide after school programming through Big Brothers Big Sisters and kickstart a composting initiative that would feed the sustainability class's composting beds, the school farm, and the school gardens.


Coupeville Farm to School (CF2S) is a non-profit organization providing outdoor, garden-based education in the Coupeville School District. We began in 2013 as a group of parents, teachers, school food service staff, and local food advocates that identified the need to integrate outdoor learning opportunities and our local food system into the district. Ten years later, our organization is managed by an eight-member Board of Directors, employs a full-time Program Manager and part-time Educator, and provides 260 hours of outdoor instruction to Coupeville students during the academic school year. Our garden/farm based curriculum includes environmental science, local food systems, agricultural/land management practices, social/emotional learning, and sustainability for students in grades K-5. CF2S is part of a Whidbey Island-wide Farm to School coalition, and an active member of the WA State Farm to School Network.

South Whidbey Youth Soccer Club


If selected by 100+ WW, we could use the funds in a few different ways. First, every season we provide scholarships to players who request financial assistance and these funds would help with those grants. We would also be able to help with the expense of new uniforms, cleats, and travel when needed.


Second, we would be able to provide high-level clinics and training for our coaches. Our coaches are completely volunteer-based and often parents of players. It can be challenging to take on 10-15 kids for a season, especially when the coach has little or no experience. Providing hands-on training, curriculum packets, etc. creates a positive and
rewarding season that keeps them coming back season after season. The more coaches we have, the more players we can accept!


Third, we could use these funds to purchase new equipment that wears out after years of use, such as new soccer balls, nets for goals, a line painter, and other training equipment that makes our practices fun and engaging!


South Whidbey Youth Soccer Club (SWYSC) is South Whidbey’s largest youth sports organization, established back in 1982. Every spring and fall we provide the opportunity for 300+ kids (ages 4-18) to participate in the sport of soccer. Our mission at SWYSC is to provide kids with a fun, engaging, and challenging environment where they can grow both as individuals and as athletes. We believe that athletics can greatly impact a youth's life by providing a positive environment that builds a strong work ethic, lifelong memories, and friendships.

WhidbeyHealth Foundation


If selected by 100+ WW, we would put the funds toward acquiring one or more of the following critical life-saving devices for our Family Birthplace at WhidbeyHealth:


The first is a Nursery Cardiac Monitor which helps monitor contractions, monitor high-risk pregnancies and postpartum care, help with early detection of fetal diseases, and more (1 unit = $13.5K). The next are Newborn Isolettes, also known as neonatal incubators, that can help infants with temperature regulation, protection from infection, respiratory support, oxygen delivery, and more (2 units = $19,210). Last, we are seeking to acquire a jaundice/bilirubin phototherapy light which helps bilirubin reduction, minimized risk of hearing loss, shorter hospital stays, and more (1 unit = $5,759). All of this equipment will help us safeguard life's first moments for both babies and their families at WhidbeyHealth.


WhidbeyHealth Foundation was founded in 1981 with a gift from the Waterman Medical Foundation. For over 40 years, donors have contributed to the health of their community by supporting the WhidbeyHealth Medical Center, Clinics and Emergency Services by making a gift to the WhidbeyHealth Foundation. Donations to the Foundation are used to purchase equipment, improve facilities, and provide scholarships for employees to improve patient outcomes and experience. We rise to meet the challenge of maintaining an outstanding quality of healthcare in a rural community. We believe that islanders deserve and should receive the absolute best care, close to home.


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